Which is the Tough level of Blooket?

Which is the Tough level of Blooket?

Blooket is a gamifying online based game, which have many kinds of multiple choice questions as subject wise. This game promotes learning in order to get more educational knowledge by answering the questions. It is a simple and easy fun game, in which users choose the game section or mode according to their choice and interest, and then they play the game in a fast and accurate way. In the end, according to their performance, they are granted as rewards, coins or money.

Famous Modes or Levels in Blooket:

There are many interesting and famous Blooket Modes, that are sometimes difficult to pass for the students and it is also difficult to clear the levels of the modes. Here are some popular modes of Blooket that can be played to earn more coins and rewards:

Battle Royale:

This is most popular mode in which students answer to the questions in the fast and accurate manner to win the battle. There are two or more groups represent as a battle, and all member answer to the questions to support their group in winning the battle.

Café Mode:

In this mode students give answer to the question as a serving to their customers. They serve in the manner of answering to the questions.

Classic Mode:

It is a simple mode in which one important point is take place that is to answer to the question of selecting section of game in a fast and accurate way. Questions are to be solved in two conditions, it should be a fast answering and also accurate.

Crazy kingdom:

This level is very interesting and fun based. In this level players have to create crazy or strange questions for the other participants and following the rule of not answering in “NO” form. If there is need to say “No”, then players have to modify it is a positive manner.

Factory Mode:

In this level it is representing a factory as answering to the question by filling it with 10 slots and reaches to level 30 fast.

Gold Quest:

This mode is based on the luck of participants. They have to play in an accurate way but all struggle and result have rewards regarding luck based.

Tower Defense Mode:

This mode is the most popular and Tough mode considered for Blooket players. In this mode players have to answer to the questions and a tower is to be built according to the correct answers.

Tower Defense Mode:

Tower defense mode in considered to the toughest level of the Blooket, players have to build a tower by answering to the questions. There are evil blook waves which can hard the Tower and players have to save them from the waves. When the players move to next level, the number of enemies also increases in a dangerous manner.

There are three maps of the Tower Defense mode:

  1. Sunny Meadow map
  2. Lost desert map
  3. Abandoned mine map

Some Blooks are there that harm the player’s progress as evil Blooks or enemies:

Light blue blook, purple blook, pink blook, lime blook, green blook, red blook, smile monster, red smile monster, black smile monster, orange blook etc. These blooks harm the player’s progress or Tower in a strong way, and it is difficult to passing the levels with facing the evil blooks’ waves.

Each tower has an upgrade pricing, as like 3 upgrades for one tower. These upgraded towers give the ability to compete the evil blooks to the players. Evil blooks fire the player’s progress in a fast way so the answering to the question should also in fast and accurate way to save the progress from the evil blooks’ waves.

How to start the Tower Defense Mode in Blooket:

Here is step by step guide to start and play the Tower Defense mode:

  1. Create simply the Blooket account by inserting the email ID, password and username showing in the first display of the game.
  2. After creating the account you have to go to “Discover” and in the search bar, type “easy easy”, in this result you have to click on the top option “Solo”. There will be “Tower Defense Mode” as a new game and click on it to start the level on the 1st map “Sunny Meadow Map”.
  3. You have to buy a Chick to start the game in this step, and first level will be played by the chick.
  4. In the next level, you have to sell the chick and buy a unicorn for playing the level. After this you have also buy a “Majestic unicorn” with the remaining coins as an upgraded purchase.
  5. Now you have to follow the formation of the map and keep playing the level.
  6. You can watch the destroy methods regarding the evil blooks as well.
  7. That’s it. Answer to the questions correctly and earn more coins or rewards.


Blooket is an educational and online game which allows players to enhance and promote the learning experience in a positive way. There are many interesting learning based modes; players play the levels with engaging participation.

The Tower Defense mode is tough in the Blooket, the players face many difficulties in playing this level. Many evil blooks harm the players’ progress. Players have to save themselves from the waves of evil blooks. By doing more practice and adopting the best strategies, players can be successful in winning this tough mode of Blooket. On the other hand, it is not easy to win the Tower Defense Mode.  


Is there an individual playing in the Tower Defense mode?

Yes you can play as individual in the Tower Defense mode, but if you want to play with other players as a team then you can play as well.

How to play the Tower defense Mode in Blooket?

Players have to answer to the questions and build the tower and earn the coins or rewards.

Is there need of any practice to pass the levels of Tower Defense mode?

Yes you have to do practice and make those strategies which will help you in winning the Tower defense mode successfully.

Is it easy to pass 1000 levels of the Tower Defense mode?

No, it is not easy as Tower Defense mode is the tough mode of the Blooket and players face many difficulties in passing the levels; there are very rare players who passed 1000 levels of the Tower Defense mode by more practicing and by using the different techniques and strategies.

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