How to integrate Blooket into classroom activities 2024

Blooket is an online game which has the basic purpose of improving the growth and motivation is learning procedures. It allows Teachers or students to play the game in different modes and answer the questions to pass the levels successfully. It has the advantage to play the Blooket in the classroom and also outside the classroom. To play or answer the questions related to different sections and subjects, the classroom activities increase the level of learning and motivation in a positive way.

In the classroom activities enhancing feature, students compete with the other players or with the classmates and face new experiences and challenges. This helps the players or students to keep more engaged in the learning activities and learning practices. Classroom tests or assignments based on Blooket also increase the level of more learning between the students.

Teachers create different styles of questions on different subjects based, and it help the students experience the new questioning outside the Blooket sections or modes. Creating the questionnaire for students also increase the creating motivation between the teachers as well.

Blooket is a fun based game also; the students enjoy playing game activities in an interesting way. Different modes of Blooket allow the students to be more engaging and motivating in a positive manner. Customized display, colorful theme, blocks or fonts style also interact the students and they interest more in playing the game in more engaging style.

How to use Blooket in Classroom?

Blooket Game has an easy interface for all the users or students; they all can use and choose the desired section according to the favorite subjects. To using the Blooket in the classroom, following ways are there to start the classroom playing:

Create the Game:

Firstly, if you are new and have not signed up in the Blooket, you have to simply sign up by inputting the username, email ID and password. After signing up you have to create the game that you want to play according to your desired subject or mode. You can choose any mode like Tower Defense mode, Wager mode, racing mode, Gold quest mode, Battle Royale mode, break mode or math mode etc.

Receiving and providing the game pin:

After creating the desired game or mode, the teacher receives a unique game pin from the Blooket interface, they give that game pin to the students to start to play the selected mode. Students use the game pin to start the game by entering the game pin code in the Blooket website.

Start to play the game:

After entering the game pin in the Blooket website, the joining of the game and starting the game process start. All modes are basically consisting on the question answering in the form of multiple choice question solving. So the selected mode can be start by answering to the questions in an accurate way.

Tracking the progress data:

Students’ answers to the questions are tracked by the Blooket interface. The teachers also track the performance of the students from the Blooket interface. The rank or scores of the students are tracked and students are granted as rewards in a different ways. These rewards are granted to the students at the end of the gaming sections or selected mode.

Benefits to playing the Blooket in the Classroom:

  • It increase the engagement level in students with different playing mode in the classroom, students remain engage in the playing game and learning activities.
  • Different class level students can play the game by choosing the learning level.
  • There is more assessment and test series that can enhance the capability of the students in the classroom.
  • Classroom playing also motivate students in working as a team members, they play with the collaboration and mutual consideration with each other.
  • Immediate response in the Blooket regarding the classroom activities as performance, rewards, scores and progress is also motivate the growth level in the students.
  • There are millions of questions as subject wise selection, so students have the benefit to choose the level according to their choice and interest.
  • Classroom playing increase the motivation level between the students and teachers as well in a positive way.
  • It promotes the problem solving skill between the students by experiencing the game challenges in tough modes of Blooket.
  • There in a fun and enjoying playing that keeps the students more engaging in playing different modes to complete the levels in an accurate manner.

Blooket improves the students learning as the modern ways of question solving in the classroom. Students perform the answering to the questions in the classroom by facing the different challenges and problems in passing the tough levels. The Blooket is a platform which can be played in the classroom or outside the classroom. There can be many challenges or problems in passing the levels successfully as:

  1. There is a specific time period for each level, so the students have to pass the levels within the time frame.
  2. It can be difficult to students when they have any device problem, internet connection or unknowing about the use of Blooket or playing strategies of different modes.
  3. Because of competitive environment, all students of the classroom are not capable to face this environment.
  4. If the teachers have to create the questions or section for their students, then it is a time taking process. Teachers and students spend their precious time in creating the questions or sections.


Blooket is a game which can improve the learning capabilities of the students while playing in the classroom. All classroom members enjoy the fun of playing the game. They experience facing the competitive environment and activities and develop the learning growth positively.
Different modes in the Blooket can be performed in the classroom as individual students or as a whole class students, they do mutual work and motivate each other in positive learning activities. 


How do the Blooket modes motivate the students?

Students play the Blooket modes, and then they face many challenges and problems. So the students face these challenges in a problem solving way and automatically their motivation level increases.

Can the created question section applied to the teams?

Yes teachers or students can create the question as individual based assessment or as a team.

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