How to Join the Blooket Contest of Candy?

How to Join the Blooket Contest of Candy?

Blooket offers different game contests to promote game-based learning. Contests always increase the concentration of the participants and promote effective online learning. Blooket Content of Candy is a wonderful feature for better learning. It’s an event held in 2019 for the first time and continues. It consists of a separate Candy quest mode, and the officials are improving the contest’s features every year for better learning and entertainment. The leaderboard is the primary feature that allows you to play aggressively to come to the top of the list. But how do you join Blooket Content of Candy?

This guide addresses all the details of the Blooket Candy Contest, how to join it, its benefits, its features, and everything necessary. We recommend you first read all its details below before participating so that you can perform better.

What is the Blooket Contest of Candy?

It’s a simple Blooket event, started four years back in October 2019. After getting a lot of praise, it is now held annually and is considered successful in 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023. In 2023, the event started on December 8 at 8 PM EST. The news is usually spread through Stewart’s social media account so more people can participate and earn exciting rewards.

Blooket is an online learning platform, and the event is organized to earn Blooket points further used to buy Blooks. Buy different boxes, books, and other learning items after claiming your prize. The site and event are free and open-source for everyone. It’s hosted to increase classroom engagement, as diversity is necessary for learning.

How to Join Blooket Contest of Candy in Simple Steps

It’s no rocket science to join the contest, but following the correct steps is compulsory. GO through the following steps and make sure to be well-prepared before taking part in it. Yeah, it’s necessary to win the contest and earn exciting prizes & free Blooket Game Codes

  1. Create a Blooket Account

It all starts by creating an account on Blooket or simply Blooket Login. Open their official website at And click Sign up. Follow the on-screen commands, enter details, and sign up. After the confirmation email, your account will be activated to perform activities. Now log in to your account by entering your account login details. 

  1. Find Candy Contest Option

The home screen shows the stats of your Blooket account. There might be several contest happening but your job is to click the “Candy Contest”. In case you don’t find the option, go to the search bar and search “Candy Contest.” 

  1. Register Yourself

It’s time to register yourself for the event by entering the Candy Content Registration page. Enter all the details correctly asked in the form, including your username, etc, and click Submit. 

  1. Start Preparations

Your preparation is paramount to your winning. Practice, read about the contest’s question types, and attend practice sessions. I appreciate the Blooket platform because it provides the learning and helping material to win the contest; don’t forget to practice enough to win it. 

  1. Participate and Enjoy

Wait for the Contest day and take part in it aggressively. The result is usually announced after the completion of the content with an all-in-all leaderboard. You also receive a notification or a direct email about the result and reward if you are the winner. Don’t worry the platform still give Blooket coins, certificated, and other prizes to everyone so that they don’t feel down.

Blooket Candy Contest Result

The result is announced based on the questions and their types. It may be delayed if the number of participants is more than natural. The users can check results on the Blooket platform because it’s typically announced on their website and app. They also send notifications or direct emails to the participants. Your eligible prize, like Blooket coins details, are also included in the email. Follow them to redeem rewards without issue and enjoy.

About Past Content Candy Event on Blooket

Recall that the first contest was held in 2019, and it was successful. After getting a lot of engagement from the users, they added different modes to enhance the excitement. The first two contests of 2019 and 2020 were based on game-mode candy quests like Gold quests. 

In 2021, the developers added an exciting mode exclusive to this contest where the players had to escape the hunted house after collecting 5 candies. 

The leaderboard shows the top participants with the maximum score. Amazingly, it displayed the 25 top scores in the first seven minutes of the contest. 

In 2020, the top element was exciting prices, and the top 15 players got exciting prizes like Spook Pumpkin. 

The 2019 and 2020 winners, Kyle2006 and Metella, did not receive rewards because they were not included by the officials yet. But now people get wonderful rewards every year. 

In Candy Contest 2023, the event mode was answering 100 questions correctly to win candy canes. They are further used to buy Blooket packs, which contain stickers. Each pack is updated every hour so that the players get different stickers. 

Blooket Candy Contest Winner Names

If you want to know the names of the lucky people, the winner of the contest, check out the list below:

  • The winner of the Candy Contest in 2019: Kyle2006
  • The winner of the Candy Contest in 2020: Metella
  • The winner of the Candy Contest in 2021: Aceofspades
  • The winner of the Candy Contest in 2022: Gogzi
  • The winner of the Candy Contest in 2023: XOTIC5

Important Tips

Here, we have mentioned some tips to win this contest because you will not get the exciting rewards without them. 

  • Practice makes a man perfect, and it’s the first tip everyone should work on. The platform offers some practice session, therefore, always attend them to stand out from other players. 
  • Learn and practice to understand things in a better way. Master the power because these powerups in the game contest increase your learning. 
  • Strategy is important, so don’t be lazy in making a successful strategy to win against other players. We recommend you play it in the off-season to understand the competition, get out of difficult questions, and achieve what you want in the Candy Contest 2024. 
  • Lastly, always know the dates and application submission time for the contest. Hopefully, the Blooket Candy Contest 2024 will held in October or December 2024. Check this blog to get updates about the event.


In conclusion, the Blooket Candy Contest is an exciting way to earn exciting prizes, interact with others, and enjoy learning with fun. We have discussed everything about the previous and upcoming candy contests to keep you updated. Always practice off-season, make different strategies, and understand the process to win the event. We will update the Blooket Candy Contest 2024 dates here, so keep visiting this blog for all the relevant information. 


How do you enter the Blooket Contest of Candy?

Go to your Blooket account, Accoun stats, and click “Contest of Candy”.

What is meant by Candy Quest on Blooket game?

It’s one of the modes of the Candy event game, which started two years after the event. 

Is the Blooket Candy Contest free to join?

Yes, it’s an open event and accessible for everyone. Each user can join it and earn exciting rewards every year. 

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