How to Get the Astronaut Blook in Blooket?

How to Get the Astronaut Blook in Blooket?

There are several Blooks in the Blooket game, and Astronaut is one of the most famous and legendary blooks. Due to its features, benefits, and learning assistance for the users, it’s not available for free from the start of the game. You simply have to unlock it by fulfilling the blook’s requirements. It usually requires a pack, known as the space pack, to open it. But how do you get the Astronaut Blook in the Booklet?

It usually opens with a Space Pack but with some limitations. After getting it, there are still 0.45% chances to unlock it while making purchases in the game. If it happens, you can sell 200 tokens; that’s a pretty good amount. 

If you are stuck, read this guide thoroughly to know how to unlock the Astronaut Blooket in the Blooket game and other necessary information. So, let’s read on!

Some Key Takeaways

Here are some key points before going through the article:

  • It isn’t easy to fulfill the requirements for Astronaut Blook, but it’s achievable. 
  • Don’t dive into the strategies directly, but understand Blook’s criteria and purpose. 
  • Read and apply the effective tips to increase the chances of getting it. We have mentioned some tips further in this article. 
  • Follow the mentioned step-by-step guide to save your time and effort and get it without issues. 
  • If you follow the above tips and procedures, Astronaut Blook will be successfully added to your Blook collection.

Understanding Astronaut Blook

Before unlocking this amazing pack, it’s good to understand it. It helps to know why you want to open it and its importance in the Blooket journey. In actuality, the Astronaut Blooket is a special character that can be obtained by fulfilling its requirements. It means it’s not accessible to everyone, but we have to get it after fulfilling some specific requirements. 

So what are the requirements to get an Astronaut Blook? It requires some specific points that can be obtained by participating in several Booklet activities. It depicts that it’s not easy to get. 

Players rush to get it because they earn 10,000 points after getting it in a row. Undoubtedly, it’s a challenge to achieve it, but definitely not impossible.

It has another requirement to participate in all the available games including Race, Scatter, Classic, Hunger games, etc. It increases the chances. 

Moreover, you must complete level 25, an eligibility requirement to use this special blook. If you successfully meet these requirements, you are good to get it. 

How to Obtain Astronaut Blook in Blooket – Step-by-Step Guide

Recall that it’s achievable but follow the exact procedure is the primary requirements. Follow the simple steps below to get it in minimal time and less efforts:

Step 1: Open the Blooket official website at

Step 2: Log in to your account and go to the profile option. 

Step 3: Here, you will see the “Shop” button, which will take you to the in-game store. 

Step 4: Scroll down to find the option “Astronaut Blookt”. 

Step 5: Click on it and check the requirements to buy it. 

Step 6: Ensure you have enough coins and complete all its eligibility requirements. 

Step 7: Click Purchase, and it will be automatically added to your Blook Collection. 

Important: Try to play challenges to get more coins and Blooket points. It increases the chances to win more points and get exciting rewards too.

Blooket Astronaut Color

You will be amazed that Astronauts are available in different colors according to their types. Black Astronaut, pink Astronaut, etc, are all its times and bring unique features and benefits for the players. 

A Blook is a virtual avatar different from other players, so Astronaut colors allow you to get an avatar in different beautiful colors. Is there any significance of the Astronaut’s colors? Definitely, the color depicts the astronaut’s qualities. 

Recall that they are available in a variety of colors, but you have to play in PAC mode to get them. Cyan is the most famous, but White Peacock is also challenging but important. Let’s read the details of different Astronaut colors and benefits:

Black Astronaut in Blooket

It’s most common and comes in some other relevant colors, such as purple, blue, and green. Each blook has different qualities, rarity and sell price. The first businesswoman, Mae Jemison, is an American doctor and the first black woman who stepped into space. Keeping history in mind, the astronaut goes by its name as a Black Astronaut book. 

Pink Astronaut in Blooket

It’s another famous Chroma blook and is obtainable by the “Space Box ”. It features a 0.05% drop rate, and the selling price is 300 tokens. It’s the derivative blood of the original Astronaut and easy to get with the space box on Mondays. The old team of this blook was Pink Kinda Sus but now it’s called Pink Crewmates. 

Cyan Astronaut in Blooket

It’s a unique blook and the most famous due to its characteristics. It has received the top 10 finishers in the PAC (Pokemon are Cool) event. Besides all, it’s rare, too, and is not available by default. It doesn’t appear as a reward in any game.

Red Astronaut in Blooket

It has two colors, i.e., red and blue. They are also rare and can be obtained after winning some specific events. Their rarity is only 0.5% and can be traded in 300 tokens. 

Green Astronaut in Blooket

They come in Blue and Green colors but are not true in real life. They are common colors, but you will also find them in different shades of green and blue. The astronaut color also varies according to the shades of green astronaut blook. 

Yellow Astronaut in Blooket

They are available in different combinations of red, yellow, and white. The colors are applied on different days of the week. What’s more? The astronaut receives 45k cash after every three seconds, but they are very rare and daunting to obtain. It has 0.45% unlocking chances and can be sold at 200 tokens. 

Rainbow Astronaut in Blooket

It’s a mystical rarity blook and only winners of some specific events get the chance to obtain it. It is similar to Tiger Zebra but available in different rainbow-like color schemes. 

Essential Tips to Unlock Astronaut Blook in Blooket

Some pros and tips will shorten the Astronaut Blooket unlocking process. Whether you are an old Blooket player or just landed on this platform, these tips will increase your chances of success:

  • Always take part in quizzes and try to complete more quizzes. Some space-related quizzes can increase your chances of unlocking this special blook. 
  • Keep an eye on the Shop requirements for Astronaut blood and try to play accordingly. Remember that it will not always be available; therefore, buy it immediately after completing the requirements. 
  • Invite more people on Blooket and play with them on different quizzes. It will increase the chances and be a great tactic to earn more rewards.
  • Power-ups are a valuable tool to get more points. So try to invest in buying different power-ups and complete the points quickly.


In conclusion, these Astronaut blook bring a lot of benefits, and that’s why they are rare and daunting to obtain. Remember the tips, complete the requirements, and follow the mentioned steps to get different Astronaut blooks in your Blook collection. Play events, bring more people to the platform, and focus on collecting more points and coins. Don’t give up because it’s hard to get consistency. 


Can I unlock the Astronaut Blook?

Yes, you can unlock it by completing the shop regularities and hard work. Employ more effective and proven strategies to increase the chances of getting this avatar character. 

How do you get Black Astronaut in Blooket for Free?

It’s a common Astronaut and only open on Wednesdays with a space pack. Its rate is 0.05% and can be sold at 300 tokens. 

What is the rarest Blook in Blooket Space Pack?

Chroma Colored Astronaut, i.e., Cyan and White Peacocks are the rarest blooks in the game. 

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